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I firmly believe that all kids should be enrolled in a developmental activity from a young age - martial arts, gymnastics or dance are all great options. Aside from being a great developmental activity, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also one of the most effective martial arts.


At Bayside BJJ our main focus is on making our classes fun for kids to help infuse a love of the sport as this is absolutely critical for long term success in anything. We utilise a relaxed style which helps foster mutual respect between instructors and kids whilst creating a safe environment to aid in the development of confidence and discipline.

BJJ is a complex art and it can take a very long time to reach Black Belt (it took me just over 13 years). This however assists to develop character as your child will become mentally strong and will learn the benefit of hard work and the rewards of doing something difficult.


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Our classes teach your child to perform under pressure and create a sense of discipline which results in a “never give up” attitude. They will learn not to put limits on themselves and to work hard towards becoming the best they possibly can be.

Today we see a lot of bullying in schools.  BJJ gives your child skills to control others with an emphasis on technique and leverage, that allow a smaller person to defeat someone bigger or stronger. It is also important to note that kids do not need to resort to striking, which could potentially land them in trouble.

It will enable your child to develop physically, mentally and socially while developing realistic and effective self-defence skills.

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